Bob Carlson started in the heating field in 1983. After many hours of technical training and working as an apprentice, he quickly was promoted as lead technician. In 1987 Bob Carlson began working as a sub-contractor for three small oil companies, Lakeside Oil, Gelormino Oil, and Bantam Lumber. As these companies sold off to larger companies, Bob Carlson retained a lot of the service customers. Bob Carlson began selling heating oil in the late 80’s. After deciding that it wasn’t for him, he sold the oil company to SCASCO Oil. Bob Carlson worked there for 2 years where he learned that of all the companies SCASCO bought out they were able to retain the highest percentage of Carlson Customers versus the other companies they bought out. Bob Carlson quickly learned it was the quality of the service that customers wanted and he provided. Bob was then offered a lead installer position at Formagoni Oil Company, then serviceman manager’s position for Sunshine Oil. Bob Carlson decided that the only way to do the quality of work that he prided himself was to go back to work for himself in 1995 and been doing so ever since. Carlson Heating, Air & Hot Water Inc. has a small enough staff to keep quality high, yet large enough to provide fast service.