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Hire Your Next HVAC Contractor

One of the trickiest parts of home maintenance involves the care of the heating and air conditioning systems. While most Barkhamsted homeowners fare well with cleaning and/or changing their system’s filters, everything else requires more than just a little cleaning maintenance.


You simply need an expert to help maintain, repair and even install a new HVAC system in your own home. Without the help of a trained professional, you won’t be able to install or repair that system in the way that it should be handled.


Finding the right HVAC expert


Heating and cooling systems are pretty much some of the most complex systems in a home. They host many parts and components that work together—and only a trained HVAC expert can really handle those parts in a way that will ensure that they will come together and work right.


HVAC experts not only handle the maintenance, repair and installation of all sorts of HVAC systems, but they are also trained to deal with the safety aspects of handing HVAC components. That’s practically the main reason why you need to hire an expert in the first place—they know what to do and how to keep your home safe when working on your HVAC systems.


In fact, anyone who’s looking for a reputable HVAC contractor in Barkhamsted should ask around and confirm if that same HVAC contractor:


  • Is Licensed and insured.
  • Has many references from past customers.
  • Is open to providing estimates on contracted work.
  • Holds years of experience in the HVAC industry.
  • Provides a list of preferred products and/or brands for projects.


The best HVAC experts handle a wide variety of HVAC tasks, such as heating and air conditioning repair, maintenance, installation and plenty more. You’ll know if you’re getting a reputable heating service contractor if they are licensed by the state, in addition to holding plenty of other credentials and customer references.


Hire Carlson Heating, Air & Hot Water Inc. for your HVAC needs


Barkhamsted residents don’t have to look too far for a company that will handle their HVAC needs. Our company, Carlson Heating, Air & Hot Water Inc., is here to provide everything that residents of Barkhamsted need in a HVAC company, bettering their home HVAC systems for years to come.


We’re not just a heating service company, we also handle the repair, installation and/or replacement of various HVAC systems, including the aforementioned heating, cooling and filtration systems. We naturally employ a modest staff of HVAC experts who are all licensed and accredited by the state.


If you’re looking for the right HVAC company to come in and handle a little heating repair this winter,  Carlson Heating, Air & Hot Water Inc. can take care of that and any of your other HVAC needs.