Hartland, CT Heating, Air and Hot Water Service

The energy professionals at Hartland, CT Carlson Heating, Air & Hot Water know that comfort is important.  That’s why they are committed to delivering quality products, reliable service and outstanding customer service: to make sure that you are comfortable at your home or business.  Our services include installation and repair of heating and air conditioning units, hot water heaters and HVAC systems.

Energy Crisis

Watching the weather channel gives you a sneaking suspicion: now would not be a good time for your Heating and Air Conditioning system to break down.  With temperatures that rise and plummet, the weather gives your heating and cooling system a workout.  No matter what the temperature is outdoors, our heating and cooling professionals can make sure that you stay comfortable.  If you need heater or air conditioner repair, our technicians are equipped to provide you with prompt, reliable and quality work.  We can service and repair most systems.  Avoid mid-season breakdowns by scheduling a maintenance appointment today!

In Hot Water

You probably don’t think about the heating elements that have to work together to heat and maintain hot water in your hot water heater.  You don’t think about the parts that fit together, the wires that need to be in the right place, the pipes that get the water to the tank.  You just know that when you step into the shower, your water is at exactly the right temperature.  When your shower water goes arctic, suddenly all those hot water heater parts become a little more important, but no less elusive.  Hartland Carlson Heating, Air & Hot Water knows hot water heaters, and isn’t fazed by the parts.  If you need hot water heater repair and service, or simply want to replace your hot water heater, trust your shower temperature to the professionals at Carlson.

Business Basics

Fretting over the HVAC system shouldn’t be on your To-Do List when you’re running a business.  Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be.  If you need a new unit installed, or want to schedule maintenance or repair for an existing unit, contact Hartland Carlson Heating, Air & Hot Water. Maintaining a commercial HVAC unit requires specialized training, and our team of professionals are ready to add your business to their HVAC Services To – Do List, freeing you up to concentrate on what you do best.

Call Hartland Carlson Heating, Air & Hot Water today for all of your comfort needs.