New Preston, CT Heating, Air and Hot Water Service

Heating and Air Conditioning

Some like it hot, some like it cold…no matter which way you prefer the temperature in your home, you just want it right.  There is no worse feeling than walking in the door of your home and realizing that something is wrong with the temperature.  You need service, and you need it quickly.  Fortunately, New Preston residents can turn to their neighborhood comfort care specialists for reliable help.  If you’re in need of heating and air conditioning service in the New Preston area, contact the professionals at Carlson Heating, Air & Hot Water.  Regular maintenance can prevent most home heating and air conditioning system problems, providing you with consistent results and comfortable home year round.  With services ranging from installation to maintenance, our licensed technicians can meet your comfort needs.  Appointments are available for emergency service.

Hot Water

Hot water heaters are one of the largest energy consuming appliances in your home.  You depend on your hot water heater – don’t trust the service of your heater to just any company.  Our professionals can help you select the appropriate unit that meets your needs, and can make sure that it is installed correctly and quickly.  If your hot water heater is not working the way it should, we can evaluate the need for repair or replacement.  With local offices in New Preston, we set up an appointment at your convenience.   Should you need a new hot water heater, or if your system stopped working and you need hot water heater repair, contact Carlson to schedule an appointment.

HVAC Services

You know your business, and the contractors at New Preston Carlson Heating, Air & Hot Water, Inc.  know HVAC services.  Large commercial HVAC units require specialized training and certification, and the specialists at Carlson are experts in the field.  Regular maintenance, emergency services and repair work are all available in the New Preston area.  By quickly responding to service calls, we will have your system back up and running in a timely manner, ensuring that you can get back to the business of your business.

We work hard to ensure that we meet your expectations.  With competitive pricing, specialized training and innovative technology, Carlson Heating, Air & Hot Water has become a leader in the comfort systems field.  Let us put our experience to work for you! Contact us today to schedule an appointment.